Build better, build faster with Concision.

Modern OSM has been widely embraced in Europe, North America and Japan for decades. Here, compared to our traditional building methods, Concision OSM offers unrivalled benefits to construction companies and, ultimately, to New Zealanders.


In just a few days, Concision can produce the components for a home, school or multi-level building and have them on-site. Integrating our high speed/high volume production into the building supply chain can ultimately lead to the construction of more homes, schools, and other vital buildings.

Unrivalled accuracy

Concision’s smart technology eliminates human error, producing precisely measured and cut panels to a level of accuracy traditional building methods simply cannot replicate.

More cost-effective

OSM eliminates time lost to wasteful building site practices and variable weather. This dramatically increases construction productivity while simultaneously decreasing costs.


Concision’s automated building process limits the need for heavy lifting, reducing workplace accidents by 75%. Automation also lowers one of the traditional barriers preventing female builders from joining the construction workforce.


Our accurate calculations optimise the use of raw materials, minimising waste and maximising efficiency. Overall, our systems generate less than one third of the waste found on traditional building sites.


With Concision, the old adage of projects going ‘over-time and over-budget’ is a thing of the past. From the outset, our customers know exactly what they’re getting, when they’re getting it and how much it will cost.