State-of-the-art automated technology.

Our Technology

Concision’s world-class machinery is from leading European brand Weinmann.

We use the Building Information Modelling (BIM) method to allow for coordination and integration of all services involved in the build process. Using this method eliminates occurrence of error since all 2D and 3D modelling is completed before the project reaches site.

The BIM method is supported by Cadwork software, which is used to activate our innovative technology. Cadwork allows for the coordination of all base structural and services elements required for each building – incorporating insulation, plumbing and electrical services, and optimises the use of raw materials by prescribing the most accurate calculations for each project to minimise waste and maximise efficiencies.

Our manufacturing system is fully automated and comprises; cutting, placing (including insulation), fixing (nailing, screwing or stapling), routing and trimming – incorporating the framing and lining functions. The process completes both sides of the individual walls and leaves openings ready for the installation of windows, doors and services.  

Our technology is flexible and can accommodate a wide library of designs across  the manufactured components, comprising of floor panels, mid-floor panels, wall panels, wall facade panels, inter-tenanct walls, roof panels and bathroom pods

These individual elements create a large suite of standard ‘elements’ that form the basis for a wide variety of finished design repetition.  

Our Process

Combining industry expertise and innovative machinery to deliver high quality buildings and components throughout New Zealand.

The Concision process starts with the initial design integration where all plans are required by our customer before signing off. Our digital software then translates your design ready to be sent through to our innovative machinery for manufacture. 

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Our Solutions

Our significant OSM expertise spans multiple sectors and large scale projects, from social housing to schools and classrooms and commercial buildings. 

We also offer a suite of prefabricated components and buildings, and portable bathroom pods. 

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Our Projects

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