Modern prefabrication at its best.

Our Process

Combining industry expertise and innovative machinery to deliver high quality buildings and components throughout New Zealand.

The Concision process starts with the initial design integration where all plans are required by our customer before signing off. Our digital software then translates your design ready to be sent through to our innovative machinery for manufacture. 

During the manufacturing stage we use a real-time monitoring app, accessible by councils throughout New Zealand, who are able to monitor projects as they go through the factory. 

Completed buildings are then transported to your site. 

Initial Design Integration

The nature of OSM requires more accuracy, therefore it’s essential for documents to be acquired before the process begins. This ensures your project is most accurate to the estimated build time, while reducing the risk of design buildability issues that cannot be re-evaluated once a product is sent into production


World-class machinery souced from leading European brand Weinmann.

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High-speed, high-quality production into the building supply chain.

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Off-site manufacturing produces 70 percent less waste when compared to a traditional build.  

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