High quality prefabricated homes, quickly.

Residential Housing

At Concision, you’re able to utalise our standardised wall panels, floor panels, and roof panels to configure homes for residential purposes. From single storey dwellings to two-storey walk-ups, we offer a diverse range of standard housing component solutions to suit your needs. 

We manufacture and assemble prefabricated components for large scale build partners such as Versatile Homes, who possess design plans suitable for Off-site Manufacturing methods. 

Once the plans are received, they’re reviewed by our technical team and pricing is generated. Building consent is then submitted to the council, and the detailing phase begins. All manufacturing is completed off-site in a factory-controlled environment and delivered on-site.

Depending on individual specifications, our homes can meet passive building standards through quality insulation, robust windows, and airtight construction.

By using modern offsite technology, we’re able to produce components for your home in just a few days. Our process allows for high speed, and efficiency, and ensures the keys to your new home are received faster, while providing you with a healthy, warm, high-quality build.

Our Residential Projects

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