A faster, smarter roofing solution.


Concision’s ReadyRoof is a warm roof panel solution offering the ultimate in thermal and acoustic performance.

Ideal for schools and commercial buildings, ReadyRoof roof panels have been perfected using our innovative, automated technology and institutional OSM knowledge and experience. The result is a warm roof unrivalled in its accuracy and performance in comparison to other multi-layer roofing systems. 

Key Features

  • Increased insulation value – our continuous layer of high performing PIR insulation, combined with our panel design, minimises thermal bridging. 
  • Building code compliant – ReadyRoof has been independently assessed by Oculus Architectural engineers. It complies to the Building Code requirements of clauses B1, B2, E2, E3, F2 and H1.
  • Superior acoustic performance 0, assessed by acoustic engineering services (AES), ReadyRoof complies with Ministry of Education rain noise level NC 45 in combination with CAC35 ceiling tiles.
  • Long span capabilities – spanning between internal supports up to 5m and cantilevering to form eaves without additional support, ReadyRoof minimises secondary structural elements. 
  • Suitable for all environments – intelligently designed to breathe in all conditions. 
  • Suits any roofing profile – ReadyRoof can be used with standard metal roofing and flashings, along with standard architectural details.