Prefabricated building panel components.


At Concision, we offer a range of panel options suitable for residential and commercial purposes.

Our standardised wall panels, floor panels, and roof panels can be utalised to configure buildings that reflect your design brief, while offering the advantage of a quick, seamless build time. 

Manufactured from LVL timber, our panels offer a stronger structure, and ensure your building is less prone to bowing and twisting over-time. Additionally, timber is less liable to movement as frames dry out.

Key features:

  • Our in-factory setting puts the timber we use in a climate controlled environment which means there are no moisture issues delaying the build process. 
  • Cut outs for service penetrations are completed during our offsite manufacturing process, which saves onsite work and error.
  • Dimensionally accurate panels (within +/- 2mm of square for every panel)
  •  Pre-installed external aluminium joinery. No waiting for site measure and direct enclosure of buildings. 

Previously, Concision panels have been used to manufacture components for schools, social and residential housing, hotels, apartments, and other commercial builds.