Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between OSM and a traditional build?

Off-site manufacturing (OSM) is an alternative way of construction using prefabricated elements. Opposed to a traditional build, products are manufactured off-site in a controlled factory environment using innovative technology leading to benefits such as speed, quality, safety, and sustainability. 

How long does the build process usually take? 

Through the us of innovative technology and parallel construction (manufacturing happening in the factory while onsite work takes place), you can save significant time when working with Concision.

Check out the ‘Project’ pages for an indication of time based on previous projects or email us on to discuss further.

How do the electrics and plumbing work? 

During the early design and detailing stages, an electrician and plumber are involved, and location/size of the services placements will be determined by Concision’s design process. Wiring and plumbing can either be installed behind fully lined wall panels, or we can run wire pullers or conduit to facilitate the wiring and temporarily fix the internal linings.

Is there a different consenting process for when building with an OSM?

Concision operates under a comprehensive ISO9001 Quality Assurance Program and is a recognised offsite manufacturer by the majority of councils throughout NZ.

Our QA system is explained and overviewed to all new customers, as we work collaboratively on individual design and production projects.

We have been a key member of ‘Off-site NZ’ since its inception and we continue to progress leading-edge accreditation process across both industry and Government, as the OSM industry continues to mature.

How do the panels connect together? 

Concision panels are designed to allow for easy, seamless connection via a series of engineered screws. Peer reviewed details along with appropriate PS3 certification documentation is supplied for all prefabricated building elements.

The Concision system also includes all mid-floor and inter-tenancy wall elements, supporting fire acoustic compliance requirements and documentation.

Do i have to choose from a standardised design when building with an OSM?

With Concision, you’re able to utilise our standardised wall panels, floor panels, and roof panels to configure buildings that reflect your design brief. Our computerised designs and innovative technology allow for complete customisation using standard elements, whilst achieving the benefits of quality, speed, sustainability, and improved safety derived from OSM.