The future of building.

Concision is New Zealand’s leading off-site manufacturer of panelised and modular components for the building construction industry.

We combine world-class factories with precision digital technology – from leading German company Weinmann – to deliver off-site manufacturing (OSM) systems and solutions around New Zealand ready for on-site installation.

We’re a dedicated delivery partner for main contractors, builders, architects and developers.

Concision Solutions Chart

Building Certainty.

Construction projects are full of hidden surprises. From the weather and the environment through to human error, any number of variables can derail the best-laid plans.

When you’re building in volume, the impact increases exponentially, with costs escalating, margins vanishing and timelines lengthening. Concision OSM optimises the design and build process. We mitigate the impact of weather, eliminate human error and cut finished-build times in half.

Take a look at our latest video – featuring our expert team and world-class Rolleston factory – to see how we’re changing the face of building in New Zealand.