Why Concision?

European precision. Kiwi ingenuity.

Concision is a reference to the words construction and precision which encapsulate the operation and the business strategy.  The Concision technology and machinery will improve the quality and efficiency of building projects in New Zealand, and will ultimately deliver better value to the customer.


Concision enables a more efficient build process for any construction project. This is achieved by increased automation, less wastage, and greater production capacity.


The automated machinery environment at Concision delivers precision and quality that surpasses that of traditional construction methods. Exacting standards and measures can be guaranteed, and step-by-step accuracy achieved throughout the process with Concision’s digital technology and equipment.


From residential to commercial projects, architectural through to off-the-plan designs, Concision can adapt its panelised technology and machinery to the requirements of the individual construction project. Materials and variable design are facilitated rather than restricted by the technology-driven manufacturing process.


The Concision management has worked hard to ensure full compliance of its operation from an industry standard perspective. At present Concision is working towards formalisation of an ISO 9000 standard.