Concision Technology.

Not your typical building site.

Concision panelised technology offers a more efficient building system that enhances traditional construction methods in both residential and commercial building sectors.

Modern panelised technologies have been extensively and successfully utilised in Europe, Japan and North America for decades. These operations incorporate a high degree of automation across all factory components, in order to deliver a high quality product.

Plant and machinery from the reputable German brand Weinmann has been sourced for Concision’s Christchurch operation. Weinmann is one of the leading manufacturers of modern, powerful machinery, equipment and systems for construction.

The machinery is activated by software that optimises the use of raw materials. This state-of-the-art technology prescribes the most accurate calculations of material usage to apply to each construction project, thereby minimising waste and maximising efficiencies.

This specialised, imported technology and equipment Concision is investing in is tried and true. Its reliability and flexibility will enable it to have an immediate positive impact in the New Zealand construction industry.