Concision OSM house wins top Timber Design Award

A house built by Concision off-site manufacturing was today announced as the winner of the Engineered Wood Products Innovation Award at the Wood Process and Manufacturers Association (WPMA) and NZ Wood Resene Timber Design Awards.

The innovative 90m2 3-bedroom prefabricated house combines precision digital technology with best-practice off-site manufacturing. It was designed in-house at Concision for a hillside section in Christchurch.

Concision GM Wade Macauley says the design was optimised for off-site manufacturing and on-site assembly of the panels.

“Every element of this house was accurately modelled in 3D, including building bespoke services such as the HRV-system and plumbing, before we generated the CNC cutting files for the all timber elements.

“It meant optimal panel sizing and use of materials to minimise waste and achieve a high-level of thermal insulation and airtightness, creating a comfortable indoor climate year-round.

“The overall result is a high-quality yet cost-effective home built very quickly,” says Wade Macauley.

The Concision home’s prefabricated panels were manufactured over a nine day period. All floor, deck and walkway panels were transported to site on one truck and installed in a single day. The wall and roof panels were delivered on two trucks and also installed in a single day.

Judges noted that the home “exhibited a comprehensive understanding of where engineered wood products can be used to maximise their efficiency and potential. The reward has come in the form of a two- day site build, a high level of thermal insulation and airtightness, managed by climate control, and a sleek, cost effective structure.”


Concision OSM house wins top Timber Design Award
3 April 2020