About Us.

Concision is 100% owned by Spanbild Holdings, the market leader in the design, manufacture and building of residential, rural and commercial buildings, as well as a highly sought-after project partner for the private and public sector.

Concision was established in 2015 to provide high volume, high precision panels for the residential housing and commercial sector. Since then, Concision has successfully supported the rapid construction of more than 500 houses, multi-unit dwellings, schools and other commercial buildings with a continuing and growing pipeline of future demand.

Spanbild is focused on continuing Concision’s product development to supply New Zealand’s increasing demand for pre-site manufacturing in a range of markets, while maximising synergies with Spanbild’s five existing manufacturing plants and building work in New Zealand and Australia.

Concision’s world-class factory in Rolleston is increasing the capacity of the local construction sector and will continue to contribute greatly to local and national building demands in terms of resources and skills.

A variety of Concision career opportunities are available now. Submit through Seek.co.nz or send your CV to [javascript protected email address]