The way houses are built just got a whole lot better.

The way houses are built just got a whole lot better.

The Concision system offers New Zealanders a new and innovative approach to construction. The combination of panelised technology and manufacturing brings greater efficiency and improved quality to any building project.

Concision’s factory in Rolleston, Christchurch delivers a consistently high quality of building product, reducing overall build times and providing consumers with confidence, peace of mind and better value.

After months of planning and testing, the first Concision-built home has now settled into its surroundings in a Christchurch subdivision.

The 94m2 three bedroom dwelling was built in the Concision factory, and it achieved 100% accuracy with no manual adjustments required.

From the factory, the home was transferred to the designated building site on one truck, with the walls being stood in 3 hours and 30 minutes and it was weather tight within 4 hours and 56 minutes – quite impressive.

The process for the second and third homes built in the factory was just as efficient, even with the extra requirements of a bigger home that needed all plumbing in the walls and all Gib applied (except for the bathroom) before it left the factory.

These consequent homes also had perfect accuracy with walls dimensionally true within 1mm of the plan, demonstrating the precision of the imported Weinmann machinery.

These results in terms of pace and quality of output from the Concision operation prove how vital this panelised manufacturing is to drive greater efficiency in the New Zealand construction market without compromising on the accuracy, aesthetics or robustness of finished housing products.